Short Poems, 2018

Then he realized his heart was numb:
one frosted, funereal plum.

Hunger for Love
This smoldering hunger for love,
Let it die out
and turn into cold ash,
For I have given up the chase.

My mind is like a firework
of indistinguishable thoughts
about everything and nothing—
what I see, what I was told,
against all I believe in.
They try to mold me
into someone they are comfortable with:
Something familiar,
non-threatening, tamed and predictable.
So they could do what?

Dauntless are the souls
unfavored by the gods,
refusing to become
mere shadows among too many.

It scares me how we all wear masks.
It scares me I’m not an exception.

© 2019 Cassian Vu



All the things I have done—
they were never about improving myself.
They are always about hating myself
a little less each day.
It is not others’ approval I seek,
it is my own.

I cannot pretend
that I have never seen myself
as a mistake:
an astronomical blunder,
a colossal joke of all existence.

How lovely would it be
if I could stop feeling worthless
and accept my every quirk
without judgements.
How I wish I could just be

© 2018 Cassian Vu