I am a storm
Calming itself before the final violence.
You don’t know me,
So just let me pass by
And forgive the trail of tears I leave behind.

I can’t help it—
I am piteous and disastrous,
Selfishly and insensibly
Salvaging my tranquil heart,
Wreaking havoc in your life. 

© 2019 Cassian Vu


Love, Pt. 3

Again we met,
Ten winters and a silence vow after—
Hardly matter in this place beyond time and space.

My bony hand
caressing your misty face:
The boy I once held most dear,
Now a man—weathered and time-stained.
Same bright eyes and melting smiles
—my downfalls in another timeline.

I loved you, did I not.
Do I still love you—do I know?
So I miss you—then what?
Should I seek your footprints in the barren sands?
You were my bane,
my lachrymose echo, my pain.
Ought I to trust my heart has changed?

© 2018 Cassian Vu

Love, Pt. 2

You turned away on a night grown still,
uttered gentle, piercing words
wrecking my stare.
Soundless pleas trembled my lips
—a shattered silhouette of existence
cloaked in the biting air.
My agony arose
from an unending voidness
where gone ardor had dwelt.

You painted my dreams with honeyed promises,
the fulcrum of my faith
amidst your whirlwind of passion.
Then abandoned
my shuddering hands
clutching fictitious colors long faded away.
Fluttery naivety of youth
mercilessly trampled, tainted,
never to glimmer once more.

© 2017 Cassian Vu