Spades over heads we march
towards our final resting grounds;
Igniting transmuted primordial
corpses along our steps,
Layering the soulless structure
of our colossal synthetic chorion—
All hail the robotic god!

Deadening noises from metal webs
soothe our hunger
for approval from faraway breeds.
How oblivious we are—
slighting fleshless brethren,
deaf and blind to fellow dwellers’ anguish,
—to Her weeps.
Sermons after sermons,
green blood spilt,
still giant iron mallets
crushing all roots of hopes.

Closing chimes
from the parched tower
behold a forsaken child,
catching his last breath,
amongst a sea of tombless graves—
“Mercy, Mother,

© 2017 Cassian Vu