You fight your unceasing war,
armed with nothing but a grain of hope
facing a vasty shore.

Time and again the great waves try
the resilience your marrow possesses
through their piercing cries.

Unsafe under your own skin—
gnawing doubts and stabbing echoes
veiled as the voices within.

On the brink of letting go, you recall
your nebulous lust for this rewardless life
that has more than once saved you from ending it all.

One decision away from returning to stardust,
still you are here—trembling, yet unyielding—
betokening the ones refusing to be crushed.

© 2018 Cassian Vu


The Gathering

Luminous beings lurking in the depth
of the night,
mouthing mournful songs of the departed
and the damned.
Stories they unveil
through anarchic syllables
screeching at my ears.

Shadowy beings looming in the corner
of my mind,
wriggling victorious dances of the remorseful
and the unredeemed.
Memories they reveal
by delving into the past
I inearthed winters ago.

Mere human being I am in the midst
of their encirclement,
welcoming clamorous tiers of voices
into my empty existence.
Mirages I am shown
like promises of salvation
blunting earthbound woes.

© 2018 Cassian Vu

You Stop Taking the Pills

You stop taking the pills
to take a break,
to take one step back
and see
whether that moody kind of mood
—the depressive, destructive kind—
is really so bad after all.

“Go out and meet people,”
they say,
but you know
what you deeply crave
is some sort of quiescence
in which you can bathe in your own gloominess
in peace,
and let your mind wander
wherever the shadowy paths lead.

© 2018 Cassian Vu