Today I Dreamt of Dying

Today I dreamt of dying—
From the body
my uncaged soul soaring.

Blissful revelation—heartbeats ceased,
Eyes wide open—unfettered ecstasies.
One more glance, I then let go;
Journey ended, eternity glowed.

Petty little stories oft we tell ourselves:
Of life, love, and the never-can-tells,
Of worlds that seldom appease,
And of dreams cast in a breeze.

Sinned as I had, no inferno below,
No blazing rays awaited the tunnel I shadowed.
Only a darkness—deathless and mellow,
Like a mother’s womb—tender and whole.

‘You are home,’ rustled the Crossed,
‘Now ensconce
and enlighten us with your jaunt…’

© 2017 Cassian Vu