My name is Cassian Vu. I was born in Vietnam in May 1990 and that makes me a Taurus born in a Year of the Horse. I love reading (mostly fiction), music (classical, extreme metal, vocal jazz and dream pop), horror movies, cats, and a little bit of everything else.

My creative writing journey, which is the focus of this website, only began in late 2017.

Some backgrounds first: I have always had too many thoughts in my head, most of which are unuseful. Identifying myself as a fantasist would be an overstatement, but it is not entirely far off. I tend to lose myself in reveries easily: overthinking a hypothetical situation, plotting vengeful scenarios for an imaginary fight, spacing out on the streets visualizing myself living dissimilar lives in parallel dimensions, etc. I guess you can call it a positive trait for someone who aspires to become a poet and a fictionist. Or perhaps not. I do not know. Anyway, that is me: I have stories I wish to tell and ideas I wish to crystallize into sentences. I want to write.

I am not exactly whom you might call a good writer, although I used to be quite an active blogger throughout my teenage years. Like many of my tech-savvy peers, owning a domain name and a personal blog to vent on was something I remember I took much pride in. Yet, like most of them, I “retired” when I was entering my young adult years, and despite my countless attempts to return to writing on the Internet, I had never really got back to the art of crafting words and sentences.

Not until I was sitting listlessly, staring blankly at my laptop screen, in my (old) office, working a job I did not enjoy, did I regret my “retirement decision”. So I did what I had to do: I spent more time reading and journalling, I wrote my first flash fiction and my first poem, then I quit my previous job and applied for a job in the publishing industry which I am still in today. They were not the decisions that would lead me straight to becoming a writer, but I believe they were some solid foundations someone in my situation could plant his roots in and continue to grow in the right direction.

As I have not been as prolific as I should be, I hope having an online lair such as this one will motivate me to overcome my idleness and procrastination, both of which have been my perpetual hindrances, and be able to publish new pieces, even just for the sake of putting myself out there.

I undoubtedly still have plenty to learn and improve on, but I believe one day I will be confident enough to introduce myself as a full-fledged writer/poet. Anyway, I hope you will find something enjoyable on this blog. Your comments on my works are most welcomed and appreciated.